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Private Lessons 

for teenagers

The Xtra Factor!
From 12 years old!
Progress rapidly with an instructor just for you!
Individual or with friends, a private lesson is the most ideal way to master those techniques and all at your pace!
Horaires et Tarifs à insérer ici

ESF La Clusaz offers varied times and price options for private lessons. 
These are as follows:
Promotional Midday and Weekend Rate or a Morning & Afternoon Rate.

promotional offers
weekend and mid-day

Teenagers and young adults really excel in a private lesson as it  helps them develop the basics and master that all important technique.

For all levels of ability our ESF instructor adapts their teaching to the requirements of each student. Teenagers will develop, gain confidence and evolve at their own pace.

The following rates apply:
  • during the mid-day hours on weekdays, OR in the early morning and late afternoon during the holidays, to match the schedules of family and friends in group lessons. 

  • during the weekend, perhaps a ski refresher lesson at the beginning of your stay or to enjoy a weekend getaway in the mountains.

  • Duration of the lesson: 1h, 1h30 or 2h
promotional offer times
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS - 18/12/2021 to 01/01/202209:00 to 10:00
12:00 to 2:00
JANUARY (low season) - 02/01/2022 to 05/02/20229:15 to 10:15
12:00 to 2:00
WINTER HAL TERM - 06/02/2022 to 05/03/20229:00 to 10:00
11:45 to 2:15
MARCH (low season) - 06/03/2022 to 26/03/20229:15 to 10:15
12:00 to 2:15
EASTER HOLIDAYS (low season) - 27/03/2022 to 01/05/20229:15 to 10:15
12:00 to 4:45
HIGH PERIODS : 13th to 26th of February 2022
Early booking highly recommended.
PricES> Mid-day & weekend promotional offer
47 €
Private Lessons
  • Up to 4 people of the same level 
  • All season
  • Promotional rates
  • Available to book online
1 to 2 Pers.3 to 4 Pers.
1h Lesson54 €68 €
1h30 Lesson81 €102 €
2h lesson108 €136 €
1h Lesson47 €61 €
1h30 Lesson70,50 €91,50 €
2h lesson94 €122 €

private lessons
morning and afternoon lessons
Practical lesson schedules that allow everyone to ski at the same time and get together for lunch.
ON REQUEST ONLY, subject to availability.
schedule for private lessons
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS - 18/12/2021 to 01/01/202210:15 to 11:45
2.15 to 4.45
JANUARY (low season) - 02/01/2022 to 05/02/202210:15 to 11:45
2.15 to 4.45
WINTER HALF-TERM - 06/02/2022 to 05/03/202210:00 to 11:30
2:30 to 5:00
MARCH (low season) - 06/03/2022 to 26/03/202210:15 to 11:45
2:30 to 4:45
EASTER HOLIDAYS (low season) - 27/03/2022 to 01/05/202210:15 to 11:45
pricES > Private Lessons
54 €
Private lessons
For Teens
  • Up to 4 people of the same level
  • All season
  • Morning or Afternoon
  • Contact us to book
1 to 2 Pers.3 to 4 Pers.
1h Lesson
75 €
85 €
1h30 Lesson112,50 €127,50 €
2h30 Lesson187,50 €212,50 €
1h Lesson54 €66 €
1h30 Lesson81 €99 €
2h30 Lesson135 €165 €
at ESF La Clusaz
  • These lessons are private. We do not join other students.
  • Avoid mixing Adults and Young Children even if the starting levels seem identical.
  • The instructor will base his lesson on the level of the weakest student. It is therefore not recommended to join two students whose level difference is too great.

Cancellation and refund conditions

Your lesson card shows the dates and times of the services purchased. The ESF of LA CLUSAZ will reimburse you all of these services if the cancellation takes place 24 hours before the first lesson, on simple return of the lesson card.

Once this period has passed, even on presentation of a medical certificate, the benefits will be considered as acquired. In order to avoid the financial risks that could result from an accident, we advise you to take out a suitable insurance, such as the "Ticket Aravis" for sale at the ski lifts.
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  • 9 Chemin de la Croix - 74220 La Clusaz
  • Tel : +33 4 50 02 40 83